Visiting Rockland, Maine

Rockland is a striking coastal town in Midcoast Maine situated alongside Penobscot Bay. The lobster fishing industry is the prime attraction there. It is a deep protected harbor and there are hundreds of creeks and bay all over the area. Rockland Maine population is close above 8,000 people. Typically the Rockland Maine is known for the well-built economy, historical backdrops, views of the coastal areas, art and culture and the closed knitted community feelings amongst the localities there. To know more on Rockland, it transformed itself to an economic center for the state of Maine. The place was rich in industries like lime processing, granite quarrying, shipbuilding and commercial hub for trading lobsters. The economy growth of this coastline devotes its prosperity to lobster trading largely.

Places to see:

With time, indeed this place has become one of the favorite vacation destinations. The people, the climate and the surroundings contribute equally for the cause. The place would amaze you with everything it has and you would surely realize that it is one of the greatest vacation choices you have made. This handsome coastline is a home to some of the spectacular ocean views, lighthouses and summer carnivals. Here is what the top attraction is:

  • Rockland Harbor - This is the largest working harbor town to windjammer fleet, for Vinalhaven it is the best ferries to have, and has good breakfast inns, boutiques, art galleries and so on. You can do some amount of shopping as well.
  • Rockland Breakwater - This is a granite breakwater and is nearly a mile from the Rockland Harbor shoreline. This man made breakwater was built primarily to protect the harbor and is indeed worth a sight.
  • Owls Head light - This 30 foot cylindrical tower is made of granite and brick and is a white tower with black lantern. The light shines above 30 feet to sea level and is a place to watch.
  • Penobscot Bay - This is the gateway to Penobscot bay and is one of the finest cruising destinations. This has spectacular offshore islands and most popular cruising spot.
  • Transportation Museum - Home to the most artistic collection of automobiles, bicycles, carriages, motorcycles and engines, this place is worth a watch in Rockland Maine.
  • Art Museum - Especially known for the collection of Wyeth family paintings, this place has a beautiful collection of the art works cherished in Rockland.
  • Lighthouse Museum - This place has a large collection of priceless Fresnel lenses, lighthouse artifacts, buoys, working lights and ship models. Museums are part of many destinations but lighthouse museums are rare and this is indeed a collection.
  • Rockport harbor - This is a home to the Rockport opera house and few of the best art galleries.
  • Maiden's Cliff - This is a rock extended formation that sticks out 800 feet above Megunticook Lake. With the rugged mountain to the West, this is a popular hiking spot.
  • Fort Knox Historic site - An hour's drive from Rockland, this place is a collection of few of the finest artisanship. A sure visit when in Rockland.

Fun to have:

Each of these places has their own excellence and is necessary to visit. Once in this place, it is rich and promising with many enthusiastic things to do. Penobscot bay is an ideal place for those travelers who just loves to explore new things and seeks outdoor adventure. This is a beautiful place that engages the tourists with the best possible activities.

  • Swimming: With the vast and gorgeous coastline in Rockland Maine, swimming is one of the popular sports here and most of the tourists engage themselves with this pastime. It is most refreshing to swim in the pristine beaches here.
  • Biking: There are plenty of places where you can explore by just taking the bike. There is Camden Harbor, Megunticook Lake or Rockport where you can bike. Biking along the coastline is an experiment and a wonderful experience.
  • Boating: When the destination is coastline, who would not love to boat. Boating is just not an activity there, rather, people just love to plunge in the scenic beauty and discover splendor all over the coastline areas.
  • Bowling: Tourists looking for some casual fun and time pass can always opt for the option of bowling. It is a conventional game and one can find a lot of happiness indulging in this.
  • Fishing: Rockland, Rockport and Camden offers excellent fishing spots. On a vacation and pandering to Fishing can be a great combination.

Place to stay:

Lodging accommodations in Rockland provides extensive options for wonderful gateways. Private cottage, breakfast locations, historic inns are the few options from a range of variety to choose from. You can sleep under the open sky and wake up to bird chirpings if you choose camping options as accommodation. Rockland Maine lodging accommodations surely provides you the luxury to travel alone or the happiness to travel with family. The amenities that are provided are world class and just perfect for a long vacation.

Food to eat:

Either you can have a mood for just casual dining or it can be something as special as gourmet restaurants. Rockland Maine has an array to choose from. The stay there can be so special with the best foods to taste you up to an even better food. From homemade pasta, to lobster, juicy cheeseburgers to fresh salads, fresh Panini sandwiches to mouth-watering soups, sushi, ice cream, or homemade seasonal deserts, everything can make your mood go up. Just plunge in the food safari at Rockland Maine and taste them to understand the high culinary scores they have. Cafes, restaurants and seafood joints would all bring along their local specialty to make your vacation a real worth for money and time.

Things to shop:

No vacation can be ever complete without shopping. Well the same is the case for Rockland Maine as it has a range of markets that sells local stuffs. Clothing, art galleries and gift shops are the few options that can be explored in the coastline.

Rockland Maine, known for its enthusiastic local crowd, amazing food and range of activities is certainly one of the places to be if not already been.

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