Best Beaches in Rockland, Maine

Rockland is an attractive metropolitan city in the Mid Coast area in the State of Maine. It belongs to the Knox County. It is a beautiful city along the coastal line economically strong and has been considered as the Coast Guard City of Maine, US. Rockland Coastline is a rugged one with full of light houses and picturesque seaside villages. Schooner rides, lobster and seal boat tours along with whale watching are the specialty of these beaches near Rockland. These are the popular beaches that can be accessed from Rockland, Maine.

Barrett's Cove: This is a fresh water beach, a small one on the banks of Megunticook Lake which is near Camden Maine. This beach is the most beautiful one with the specialty of being secluded among the most crowded places around it. There are fantastic views of the cliffs that rise straight from the water. This forms the western side of the Camden Hills State Park. There is sufficient parking space and the swimming areas allotted for the children is safe with shallow waters. For the adults, there is deep water area of a diving front which is few hundred feet from the shore. Barrett's cove is an ideal freshwater beach offering play areas for the children, picnicking, free parking areas, public rest rooms and outdoor grills to the tourists.

Birch Point Beach State Park: This beach is situated in the Owls Head, Maine. This 220 yards beach is in pocket shape. This is within the preserved areas of the forest filled with fresh water marsh. This beach has no parking areas and there are no other facilities offered to the visitors. However, swimming, picnicking and fishing are allowed and is an ideal place to kayaking. The visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Western Penobscot Bay from this beach.

Crescent Beach: This is the largest beach in Owls Head, Maine with crescent shape. This ocean front beach contains salt water. Residents of Maine consider this beach as the best one for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing.

Glen Cove Beach: Collectors of sea shells, urchins, snails, crabs and sand dollars will be happy to visit this beach. This is a small saltwater beach offering protection for swimming during high tides. This is at the foot of the Glen Cove Rest area basin.

Johnsons Memorial Park: This is a fresh water beach where barbeque grills, public boat launch and restrooms are available along with the free parking facility.

Laite Memorial Beach: This is at the Camden harbor area offering views on the Camden hills, Camden harbor and Penobscot bay. This is also a great picnic spot for the tourists.

Lincolnville Beach: This small sandy strip of beach is at the distance of 14 miles from Rockland downtown.

Shirt Tail Point: This is a beach that has grassy area that ends into the waters' edge. This is on the Lake of Megunticook Lake.

Sandy Beach in Rockland, Maine is a small one while there are so many beautiful beaches in the state of Maine which can be visited from Rockland. Divi & Tamarjin Aruba beach is also in the Rockland area.

Walker Park: This is a small harbor beach with saltwater background having a place for everything like children's area, grassy hillside knoll, barbeque grills and picnic tables. Wading and beach combing for sea shells when there is a low tide is possible for the visitors of Walker Park beach.

Maine is a state with long stretch of sandy beaches for the visitors to enjoy. All these beaches cannot not be covered and enjoyed in a single day. Southern part of Maine has beautiful sandy beaches which are ideal to spend time with families and relatives whereas Northern part of Maine has rough type of beaches ideal for the adventure lovers. There are beaches in the Maine State of US for everyone. Beaches suitable for families, beaches suitable for children, beaches for the adventurous type of people, beaches that are food for the art lovers with their scenic beauty and stunning views and beaches that offer privacy for those who want calm and serene atmosphere. Most of the beaches are on watch by the coast guards all the time so it is safe to swim and have fun in the beaches in and around Rockland, Maine.

Old Orchard beach has 7 miles of smooth sand at a stretch with parks, restaurants, games and other attractions. From here tourists can head towards Scarborough beach in the northern side and to Saco and Ferry beach in the south. This is the best and number one beach from the point of the residents here.

Ogunquit Beach is ideal for the families. It is the prettiest beach with the peninsular nature. It is located at the head of the Ogunquit River. This beach gets gentle waves from the river and combined with the flat sand provides ideal place for playing Frisbee and sand castles.

Popham Beach State Park: This is a 3 mile length beach situated in the Mid Coast region of Maine at the starting point of Kennebec River. 529 acres of land is encompassed by this beach. Children can play and indulge in water sports in the tidal pools while elders can take a log walk along the coast. Picnic areas with grills are there at many places of the beach. Hiking and wildlife watching can be done from this beach. The most highlighting point of this beach is that it is unspoiled beaches.

York Beaches favorite beach of the photographers. This beach is of two miles stretch with beautiful sceneries. It offers many fantastic views on "nubble" lighthouse which is most popularly photographed by all tourists in the state. From here short sand beach can be easily reached where restaurants, shopping, entertainment and everything else can be enjoyed.

Sand Beach: Another beautiful beach of Maine state is near Acadia National Park and this is situated on the island of Mt. Desert Island. This beautiful beach, with its small stretch of 300 yards, offers breath taking views of the sea. Moreover the sand is full with crushed shells.

Wells Beaches: Among the long and wide stretch of beaches Wells beaches are ideal for fun. Surfing, walking and playing can be done here. Crescent Beach and Drake's island are accessible from here.

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