Climate in Rockland, Maine

Each summer or any part of the year, if you are planning to enjoy your life in a tourist attraction, it is essential that you need to know about the place briefly. This also holds true when it comes to the climate of the place, you intend to visit. For people, who, love coastal areas, and places that can offer sailing pleasures, then Rockland Maine is a great option. The fantastic climate adds to the fun frolic experience of the city. A major tourist attraction, with the Farnsworth Art Museum that has New England artists' paintings, featuring coffee shops, book stores, art supply stores in the main street, Rockland is a place you would love to visit in Maine, United States. Penobscot Bay, along which the city of Rockland borders, has also the reputation of the one of the best places for recreational sailing grounds around the world.

A naturally air-conditioned place is what you can call Rockland city of Maine. The place has more to offer from the month of July to the mid of October every year. While you can enjoy cultural events, the environment is also perfect to enjoy during these seasons. The coastal area gets cooler as you move towards it. Afternoons are breezy and the sea winds kick in to afford you cool environ. If you are planning to take a stroll, then never forget the sweaters in the evening. If you are planning to visit in June, then you need to be forewarned that while June can also offer a beautiful scene for tourism, but most of the time, the city is fogged. The summer lasts for nothing more than 2 months, may be two and half a months in the maximum. If you love cold and fancy moving around in the snowy rains, then Rockland is the best place.

Here goes the in-depth detail of climate you can experience in Rockland. Rockland, Maine, US is marked with cold and temperate climate. You can never miss rainfall in Rockland; regardless of the season you visit the place, because it rains all through the year. If you plan to visit during the driest month, you can still get to see the rainfall. The annual temperature of Rockland per year in average is 42 degree Celsius. Rockland gets the average rainfall of 832mm per year. August gets most of the rainfall of 97mm; while February happens to be driest month with 34 mm. July is the warmest month you can experience in Rockland with the temperature of 18.5 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature can be experienced in the month of January, which is -11.5 degree Celsius. With this temperature, January month is the coldest throughout the year, and this temperature is the lowest of all around the year.

If you love to enjoy the winters of Rockland, it has the Christmas events to offer the tourists. Christmas by the sea is one of the major attractions of Rockland locals and the tourists. The festivities start with a Christmas parade, and then moves to the Camden Park. Community tree lighting follows the event, which gathers people of all nearby villages. While there is such a festivity, can you ever stop thinking about the special sales? The festivities present people with the annual crafts sales, culinary creation showcases, holiday crafts and much more. If you love to walk around the snow, then you need to visit Rockland for this Christmas Parade. Rockland gets the average snowfall that is more than the average snowfall of US. So, it is a tiresome process to clear off the snow. It rains with ice flakes, but you can enjoy it still a lot.

Toboggan championship is another reason for you to visit Rockland in winter. With 400 teams competing, the place is crowded with the spectators, with hot chocolate in hand, a perfect way to appease you in the snowy winter. You can also participate as a team of two, three of four. If you have got an adrenalin rush, it is the best way to spend the winter in Rockland. Shooting down the ice cover can be more fun than you can actually imagine.

What if you plan to go Rockland during summer? That is going to last in your memories forever. Rockland is an ultimate summer destination, where you can escape from the heat and feel the chill breeze kicking off even in the noon. While you can enjoy the breeze, you can also enjoy the Atlantic Blues Festival in the month of July every year, in this coastal city. From 11 AM to 7 PM, it is all blues music star studded line up, you can relish to the core. You too can join the performers, if you carry an instrument. With core dancing and music on the streets, and with no heat, Rockland summers can be fun filled to the extent you can never dream to imagine.

The summer in Rockland also offers the handcrafts show of local artisans against the backdrop of the coastal area, where more than 100 artisans gather to portray and sell their works of art. With the exhibitors selling their works, the beautiful open air environment during a relishing summer day, is the reason why people gather to have a look at the display. The Friendship Sloop event during summer makes Rockland a suitable place for the nautical bend of mind in you. The sloops race with each other on the first 2 days and the last day, a friendship parade, a breathtaking event takes place.

Rockland has the wonderful and in fact, a great climate that makes the vacationer in you frequent to the place. The cool climate, which lasts for nearly 10 months a year, is the reason, why Rockland is most frequented during all parts of a year, regardless of winter or summer. The events that are related to the history and the cultural backgrounds of the Rockland city, Maine, makes it more attractive, for it is more than the nature's scenic attraction you visit the place.

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