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If you get a chance to visit Rockland ensure that you take a look at every important spot. The place has a variety of places which are around thirty minutes drive from here and therefore you would have a lovely time viewing the spectacular vision of the sceneries.

From Light houses, oceans, mountains and even paddy fields you would be amazed by the beauty of nature. You can see people fishing, ferries shuttling from one place to another, and coast guard boats departing from the harbor throughout the day. Rockland is known for the celebration of Maine Lobster Festival. The first week of August is celebrated as the Lobster week where in the place sees enormous number of people from various parts of the world. The city exhibits live entertainment and the best and fresh seafood which you would have never tasted anywhere else.

The North Atlantic Blues Festival is one another prestigious festivals that run for two days during the month of July. The event is held in Harbor Park in Rockland, Maine. The top blue music's are featured during these two days. The general Henry Knox Museum has a collection of artifacts of the Knox family. These artifacts include furniture, silver, porcelain, ledgers and portraits. Mementos from the revolutionary war of the eighteenth century are also available in this museum. The museum is perhaps the most beautiful monument in England. Around twenty two rooms in the museum are available to the public so that they can take a look at it.

The Harbor Park is located at Public landing. Benches, boat cruises and anchors are few of the sites which can be viewed throughout the day. Special events are held here on regular basis. Camden Hills State Park is an excellent place to drive or hike. The Penobscot Bay can be viewed from this park. At certain angles the entire lake along with the mountains can be viewed which clearly shows the beauty of the place. The park also offers camping area along with hiking trails and trailheads. The camping area comes with flush toilets and showers which are a great set of asset as far as the campers are concerned. Maine is one of the wonderlands when it comes to fairs, festivals, lobster festival, folk music, and anything and everything. These festivals are great when it comes to showcasing the country's culture and heritage. Maine also sees the celebration of other festivals such as the harbor show, Maine basket makers market in the month of July, and many such events. The catch here is that during these festivals, people from various parts of the world turn up leading to a great need for accommodation. This in turn drastically leverages the tourism in these areas. There are many more festivals which are celebrated at a lesser intensity but these as well attract a lot of crowd.

Yarmouth Clam held in July is an event where in lobster are consumed and served. The Maine Lobster Festival held in the month of August consumes more than twelve tons of lobster every year. Rockland's food is not only limited to sea food but crops are also grown in this area. The Maine Potato Blossom festival is celebrated in July every year and this event includes a number of contests where in potato picking, mashed potato wrestling are games organized. Blueberries of a variety of types can be seen here. Tasty antioxidant like blueberries are grown throughout the year and the month of August is celebrated as the month of blueberries.

Maine is the home of festivals. Many of these festivals cannot be found in any other part of the world. One such festival is the Lisbon Falls which is the festival known for the celebration of soft drink. If you are planning a trip to Rockland, Maine then see to it that you schedule it during any of these festivals. You will be definitely amazed to see the variety of events that are organized.

Rockland is a planned relocation of the center for Maine contemporary art. This part of the country is the latest among the epic story which deals with the city's conversion to a cultural center. Rockland was initially occupied by the Dutch. Due to difficulties encountered during their reign, the area was later taken over by the English and since then the city came into the control of the English. Many of the legacy names in this part of the country are actually left by the Dutch.

The occupation of the people in Rockland was initially confined to fishing, and farming. Gradually, a number of industries came into existence and for employment reasons, people from other parts of the region relocated to Rockland. The beauty and sceneries of the place attracts a lot of tourists from various parts of the world. The museums, light houses, spectacular mountains, ocean beds and many such natural types of scenery are found in this part of the region. This in turn attracts a lot of visitors. As tourism flourished in Rockland, there was a growth and expansion of restaurants, inns, lodging. The main road in Rockland has several shops, craft shops, museums, and many other hotels. The area has a mixture of business oriented occupants and people confined to fishing and farming. The city has a lot of employment opportunities as it has a number of industries booming. From Ship building factories, grain mills, and foundries there is every different type of factory set up here. Getting a job for any profile is easy in Rockland, Maine.

Today, Tourism is the key focus in Rockland. People from different countries book their vacations in this part of the world. There are several lodging and accommodation providers in Rockland. Camp providers give you a variety of options and you have the choice to choose among these. You can also talk to your camp provider for any of your needs. If you are a camp freak then Rockland is a perfect place to visit and spend your vacation.

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