Dining in Rockland

Rockland is a place which can offer something to everyone. Situated at the eastern coast of US, in the state of Maine and in the county of Knox, Rockland is popular for lobster fishing. With beautiful, mostly rugged and scenic coastline, Rockland is the most sought-after tourist destinations of US. Tourists throng the place to enjoy its fantastic sceneries, the light houses and the historic places all along the coastal line and to take rare photographs.

National Geographic Channel has awarded Rockland as the "Best 100 Adventure Towns" and selected as one of the US's dozen distinctive destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This city has more than 25 restaurants for the tourists to select from and this is really a Mecca for lobster lovers. The Maine Lobster Festival held in Rockland annually cooks and serves more than 20,000 pounds of lobsters.

Rockland Maine has recently gained world class recognition for its culinary expertise. Two of its restaurants are featured in the Television channels. These city restaurants cater to all types of cuisines and perfectly satisfy everyone. Whether the visitor wants picnic style lunch with sandwiches, homemade cookies and fresh pasta salad or whether he wants just an appetizer with cocktail, the city is ready to serve. Juicy cheese burgers, fresh Panini sandwiches, sushi, soups, homemade pasta, ice creams, lobster items and seasonal deserts, everything is available in Rockland.

Rockland Maine Restaurants:

Rockland Restaurants cater to all types of taste and budget. They offer family eating, casual dining, elegant cuisine, fine dining, health conscious dining and world class dining of course with the sea food leading the table. These restaurants are famous for the 'catch of the day' and for the freshest seafood.

  • Liberty Hospitality of Maine is a casual type of restaurant offering beautiful ocean views and county settings.

  • Maine Gold is an award winning restaurant for its maple syrup preparation. It was founded in 1992.

  • Navigator Motor Inn directly situated from the Maine State Ferry Terminal, this motel offers rooms, suites, restaurants and bar.

  • Rock City Cafe provides the visitors homemade pastries, sandwiches, soups and coffee in the day time and good delicious dinner in the night along with entertainment.

  • Trade Winds Restaurant is just at the opposite of the Rockland harbor with 140 rooms and a casual dining restaurant.

  • Captain Jacks Lobster boat Tour is to go on a small trip with Captain Jack on board, cruise the Penobscot bay for one and half hour, capture fresh lobster and is been served hot and fresh. Apart from that the visitor can enjoy watching birds, schooners, seals and fishing boats.

Rockland Maine Cafes:

Rockland Cafes are well known for their creative and innovative fare and casual ambience. Most of these cafes use the local farmers and buy things from their farmlands. Ideal for the tourist to relax and have light dinner or grab a sandwich or can sample a dessert coffee or an espresso drink or a baked pastry. There are numerous cafes in Rockland serving lunch and dinner. Some of the popular Rockland Cafes are Rockland Maine Cafe, Atlantic baking Company, Brass Compass Cafe, Brown Bag, Hole in the Wall Bagels, Home Kitchen Cafe, Market basket, Rockland Cafe, Thomaston Cafe and Thorndike Creamery.

Rockland Maine Pubs and Wine bars:

With number of pubs, taverns and wine bars, visitors can enjoy having vintage wines over a warm conversation or watching the sceneries and the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it's a vintage drink or a mixed drink from numerous selected spirits or a superb beer or a cocktail, anything and everything is readily available in the Rockland Maine pubs and wine bars. Some of the popular pubs and wine bars of Rockland are Rockland Maine Pubs, Taverns and Wine bars, Black Bull tavern, Mc-Hale's Restaurant & Pub, Myrtle Street Tavern, Time out Pub, Trackside Station and Waterworks Restaurants & Pub.

Quick bites and Quick Seafood Fare:

In case the tourist wants to bite an urgent grab a lightning bite and to have a simple no-frills meal, they can get it either from internationally famed fast food joint or from a local burger shop. Convenience and price affordability is the base thought for this arrangement. Some of the popular Rockland Maine Quick Bites are Rockland Maine Quick Bites, Catch of the Day, Chandlery Grill, Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll, Sharpie's Lobstah Shack and Wasses Hot Dogs.

Rockland Maine Ice Cream parlors and Bakeries:

Rockland attracts the children with its ice cream parlors and bakeries. The ice cream delicacies and the bakery items are simply superb, innovative and a kind of mixer between homemade and readymade preparations. All sorts of pastries, ice creams and desserts are available in these ice cream parlors and bakeries of Rockland Maine. Some of the popular Rockland Ice Cream Shops and bakeries are Rockland Maine Ice cream Shops, Atlantic Baking Company, Cappy's Bakery, River House Ice Cream and Thorndike Creamery.

According to the Trip Advisor, the following are the beast Restaurants of Rockland.

1. Primo Italian and Mediterranean Restaurant
2. Rustica the Italian restaurant
3. Suzuki's Sushi Bar Japanese restaurant
4. Home Kitchen Cafe American restaurant
5. Duo's Fish 'N' Chips Takeout American restaurant
6. L & H Burgers American and Hamburgers restaurant
7. In Good Company
8. Wasses Hot Dogs
9. Atlantic Baking Co.
10. Brass Compass Cafe
11. Cafe Miranda
12. Rock City Cafe
13. The Lobster Shack
14. The Chowder House and
15. Sunfire Mexican Grill

Lobster Festival Rockland, Maine:

This festival is held for four days during the summer season every year. Residents all over Maine will gather here to celebrate lobster in all possible ways and means. They perform music, sell posters and souvenirs, catch thousands of lobsters, cook them and consume. In addition there will be a very long parade. It will take place in Rockland Harbor Park. From Boston, it can be reached within 4 hours by car and also arrive at the place by train from Brunswick. There will be road races, fun run and walk, Lobster Crate Race, Arts and crafts, Food specially lobster, Marine Tent, The Big Parade, Cooking contest and coronation are the main events that will take place during this festival each and every year.

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