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Rockland, the city in the county of Knox, belongs to the State of Maine, US. It is a beautiful coastal town situated in the Mid-coast Maine region right on the Penobscot bay. It is the main tourist destination from where visitors travel to the nearby islands such as North Haven, Vinalhaven and Matinicus. Since this city happens to be the major Ferry service center, the economy centers on the coastal activities of the people who reside here. At present the city economy thrives on the service sectors.

Rockland Maine has the most beautiful long standing coastal landscape where lobster fishing was popular. This city from the starting of human invasion in the early 17th century, very soon had been declared as the major commercial hub of the state of Maine due to its strong economy. It got its profit mainly from ship building, lime processing, commercial lobstering, granite quarrying and commercial fishing activities. Rockland is also known as 'the lobster capital of the world' and also as the "Schooner Capital of Maine".

The state of Maine is constantly being affected by the international trade for more than the 200 years of its economic history. The iron and energy industries that facilitated the economic growth of Maine are bath Iron Work, Katahdin Iron Works, Dickey-Lincoln Powerhouse, Maine Yankee Atomic Nuclear Power and Passamaquoddy Tidal Power. Mining also has its share on the economy of Maine.

Economic History of Rockland, Maine from 1854:

In the olden days, fishing remained as the main occupation of the Rockland people. Rockland was declared as a city in 1854 and from then onwards it saw tremendous growth. Shipbuilding started developing the total economy of Rockland and then later on lime production joined the list. The number of ships and other sea travelling vessels built around the year 1854 were really staggering. According to Wikipedia, 11 ships, 6 brigs, 3 barks, 4 schooners were built by the Rockland people at that time. Rockland had more than three ship yards, 2 boat builders, 5 sail lofts and one marine railway dedicated specially for the purpose of marine development.

Regarding the lime production, Rockland had 125 lime kilns and 12 lime quarries during 1854. On the whole they transported lime to all other parts of the country using 300 vessels.

Slowly lime production took the reins of Rockland economy. There were nearly 12 manufacturers with more than 1000 employees looking after the production of lime in Rockland. Other small scale industries which prevailed in the 17th century were lumber mills, foundries, carriage factories, grain mills, tannery, cooperies, few granite and marble works, boot and shoe factories and machine shops. In addition, fishing remained one of the major occupations of the people. To enable transport around the Penobscot Bay there were numerous Fleets of Friendship Sloops between the fishing grounds and the harbor.

Tourism started from 1871 due to the opening of the railroad between Knox and Lincoln. The Bay Point Hotel which was renamed later as Samoset Hotel, the grandest and the most popular resort to accommodate the tourists was built in 1889. It had a bad time during the great depression, temporarily closed and once again re-opened in 1974. After the Second World War, the destination so far was reached by the boats and ships slowly changed to automobiles. From being a 'summer colony' the present Rockland has become the busiest tourist hub with high demand for the food, lodging and entertainment.

Recent economic development of Rockland has seen a major shift from the fishing and shipping industries to the service sector. Enormous growth in Tourism has caused many tourism related service sectors to thrive on. Since Rockland has grown into the metropolitan city and a major commercial center of Maine, lots of boutiques, shopping complexes, hotels and restaurants and art galleries fulfills the needs of the tourists as well the people of Rockland.

Major Companies and Businesses of Rockland:

  • World's leading FMC Biopolymer plant is in the Rockland Maine. It produces the 'carrageenan' from seaweed. They are the only producer of 'carrageenan' in the whole North America.

  • Rockland proved as the major center for the lime industry which elevated Maine than Massachusetts and Connecticut with regard to lime production.

  • Lonza Bioscience business sector has established its research and sales division center in Rockland, Maine producing life science products to use in molecular biology. They produce more than 500 products.

  • The top rated companies of Rockland are Hannaford Bros, Maine Medical Center, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Maine Mental Health, McDonald's, Boston Financial and Kindred Healthcare.

Rockland City Development Plans:

Rockland Economic Development Advisory Committee has been established and is functioning to discuss the economic issues of Rockland and to improve further. This committee has arranged for public discussions and encourages public participation in a greater level.

Rockland Economy Present & Future:

  • As per June 2012 statistics, the average income of the resident of Rockland per annum is $20,857 whereas the average income a US citizen is $26,154. Among the occupations of the residents of Rockland, 28.62% are in the sales and office sector and 21.89% are in the service sector.

  • Being the Coast Guard City of Maine State, Rockland has lot of potential in further developments towards Tourism.

  • When we look into the present employment status, Rockland, Maine has 57.3% of the people in the employed category and only 5.7% belongs to the unemployment category.

  • Among the industrial sector, 24.3% people employed in the educational services, Health Care and social assistance jobs. Next largest sector of 14.7% people are employed in retail trade and 12.5% people are employed in manufacturing sector.

  • Likewise, the large section of people amounting 73.9% are private wage and salaried workers. Only 13.6% of the residents are government workers and 12.2% of them are self employed.

The major towns in and around Rockland are Appleton, Cushing, Friendship, North haven, Rockport, South Thomaston, Camden, Hope, St. George, Warren and Washington. Rockland Maine is easily accessible from all the places of the world.

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