History of Rockland, Maine

Rockland is one of the cities in Maine, United States of America. During 2010 census the population of this city was around seven thousand two hundred and ninety seven. Rockland is one of the famous attractions and a tourist location. The Maine State Ferry service to Penobscot Bay, North Haven and Matinicus starts from Rockland. This makes the place even more popular among travelers. People who are travelling to these locations via Ferry service need to make a visit to Rockland.

Rockland was called the Catawamteak by Abenaki Indians. The actual meaning of Catawamteak is "great landing place". In the year 1767, John Lermond is believed to have built a camp of oak staves and pine lumber. Thereafter, the place was called Lermond's Cove. Since 1777, Thomaston called the place as Shore Village. It was in 1850 when the village was renamed as Rockland.

The district is said to be rapidly developing mainly because of the presence of ship building companies. Lime production is the key occupation of the people in this part of the world. The city has built more than eleven ships in the year 1854. The city has more than twelve lime quarries and one hundred and twenty five kilns. There are more than three hundred vessels which are used to transport mineral to the ports across the country.

Rockland had three shipyards, five sail lofts and two boat building companies in the year 1886. Industry establishment was found to be in a rise which included two foundries, three grain mills, six lumber mills, three cooperies, one tannery, three carriage factories and many such factories. Fishing was the main occupation of the people in this area.

Knox and Lincoln Railroad in the year 1871 led to tourist attraction. As tourism was given more focus, there was a rise in the number of inns and hotels in order to accommodate the tourist. The bay point hotel was the biggest hotel during the year 1889. The hotel was then renamed as Samoset Hotel in the year 1902. The hotel was a grand success until the opening of the Great Depression.

Rockland is designated as a micropolitan area. 1990 saw the shift of the occupation of the local people from fishery to various other services. Today there is great increase in tourism and the city has seen a number of new boutiques, art galleries, shops and hotels. Rockland is a commercial city with lots of inns, food co-op, museums and many more places to visit. Rockland is named as the coast guard city in the year 2008.

Maine Lobster Festival is celebrated in Rockland in the honor of the export of lobster which is considered to be the primary export in this part of the country. The first week of August is celebrated as the Maine lobster week where in the city sees thousands of people coming from various parts of the world to participate in this event. The Farnsworth Art Museum is located in Rockland which is a famous art gallery. The gallery has several paintings by Andrew Wyeth and other artists from England. The main street in Rockland is quite popular among the tourists as the street features several book stores, toy stores, art stores, coffee shops and many such shops.

Penobscot Bay is located in the borders of Rockland and is one of the sailing grounds which are very popular across the world. It is internationally known for the recreational events. The city has a breakwater which was built in the nineteenth century and gives a fabulous look to the entire area. Tourists from all parts of the world visit this breakwater during their vacation and fall for the spectacular scenery and beauty. Rockland has a total area of more that fifteen square miles.

The history of Rockland, Maine begins in February 23, 1798. Rockland is located twelve miles from New York City and is a part of New York Metropolitan Area. The name of Rockland comes from the rocky land. The Dutch were the early settlers in this area. Farming was mainly confined to fruits, berries and vegetables. Hunting was also quiet famous those days. The Dutch were however, not successful in this part of the country and therefore the English took over the territory. Rockland sees a number of legacy names that were initially left by the Dutch.

The place sees two battles during the American Revolutionary War. The first was in the year 1777 and the second in the 1779. A number of historical figures originated from Rockland. Some of the well known people are Aaron Burr who was the third vice president of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton the first United States secretary of the treasury, Benjamin Harrison was the twenty third president of United States, Millard Filmore was the thirteenth President of United States of America, George Clinton was the fourth Vice President of United States, George Washington was the first President of United States and he was elected approximately twenty times. There are many more important celebrities from this part of the country especially from Rockland.

Today, Rockland is a popular destination of tourists and campers. People love to camp here and are ready to book their vacation trips. Hotels and restaurants in this area are booked almost throughout the year and those who are interested in visiting this area need to plan and book their rooms at least a few months in advance. Breathtaking views of oceans, mountains, light houses and beautiful sceneries make it an amazing place to spend the vacation. Rockland, being the center point of almost every industry makes it a great area for settlement and gives a number of job opportunities to the people. Camps in Rockland give the tourists several options and are quiet flexible so as to meet the requirements of the campers. If you are planning to visit this part of the world then talking to your room provider would be a opt solution so as to understand the needs and the facilities provided to you.

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