The Nightlife in Rockland, Maine

The city of Rockland, Maine, has the most beautiful attraction for itself. Even the driest month receives good amount of rainfall here. This does not stop people from visiting this place, but instead, this is a unique feature that gathers crowd for itself. When you have a passion to explore in the coolest place, then Rockland is for you. The sea breeze kicks in its cool phase even during the noon, and you cannot stroll without a sweater or a jacket in the evening. This place has loads to offer for all in all the seasons. In summer, never can you miss the Atlantic Night Blues Festival, where with just an instrument; you can start playing and take part with the star studded line of the Blues. Take a lawn chair and enjoy the music from 11 AM to 7 PM, in the summer, where still you can experience cool breeze. The winters are not going to stop you too. July and August is the time for the lobster festival in Rockland, which you would love to take part. The Christmas parade lets you forget the snowy rains. It rains snow and flakes of ice, clearing which is a tedious job, and yet you get to see thousands gather to see the parade and the local handicrafts display and market attracts you get a glimpse, without minding the extreme cold climate.

Any tourist destination is a place for the night life lovers and Rockland is no exception. You can see the night life to be very active and the climate of Rockland is no obstacle for enjoying your nights. Here are a few places, where you can love to spend your nights in Rockland. In Good Company is the first choice of the locals and the tourists, if a relishing night life is what has to be experienced. The food and wine are great here and the wines keep changing. With an atmosphere of a comfy living room, it gives an air of your home. There are rooms for ocean facing and the menus are always a hit, regardless of the fact that the menu is small. The main course keeps changing every day and you would love to eat and drink in this place. The decor of the place offers the perfect setting and it is a very relaxing place to eat with your friends and never forget the wines. Pepperdrews, garlic and molten brie, risotto are something that is a hit here to eat. Many love the foods and the extensive wine ranges, when they also never forget to appreciate the staff, who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Even with the limited menu entrees, you never feel bored to eat here. With the lovely and slow music which does not hurt a light conversation, you can find the wines and food more appealing in In Good Company.

If you are looking for good food from a good ambiance, then 3 Crow gives you what you wish for. The flavor added to foods may not be conservative, but you can still enjoy the Maine foods with a subtle flavor enhanced to appease your taste buds. There are a few things, which you can get only in 3 Crows. A few of the unusual flavors are oysters with micro greens, tomato chunk, beautiful brine and cocktail sauce. Honey infused butter with fresh and warm sourdough bread make a perfect food, and another combo is corn crusted haddock with olive tapenade. It is the clean and neat place to enjoy the beers. The place also offers music to suit the mood. The staff is friendly and sure this place would linger in your memories of Maine forever.

Fog Bar and Cafe has a nice setting, with a stylish and hipster ambiance. They serve iceless water and other goodies you would love to taste. The decor is apt for a quite night life. The staffs are friendly and the bartenders too are good. The range of beers is decent and the ambiance is cool. You can get the feel of a jazz and candle light at this restaurant. However, it may a quite expensive choice, but you can give it all for the classic atmosphere.

With the Karaoke on Fridays and the live music on Saturdays, Myrtle Street Tavern happens to be the best place to eat and drink with your friends. You can get the beers and other things to eat for a very cheap rate during the happy hours and it is the closest place to the water and festivals. The fantastic food combos are available even for $1 at sometimes and they are delicious. You sit out watch and entertain with the music, while get an amazing selection of drinks. With the various bands covering up different times, you would definitely enjoy this place.

You can get decent drinks, a good place to drink and socialize. The best thing about the Time Out Pub is that you lobster rolls for just 8 bucks. The Landings and Restaurant Lounge offers delicious and delightful lunch. With a fantastic view and the great food, this pub is also perfect for a picturesque view. The service is also good and it is a great place to hangout with friends and family. For anyone who loves home brewed beer, Three Tides is the perfect choice. This is also an ideal place for an intimate lunch. The bartenders are friendly and this is a place with a unique atmosphere. The quaint bar has the owners living and they are friendly, making the overall experience phenomenal. For anyone who loves to be crazy and like good food in a comfortable ambiance in the Lookout pub. This is a pub for clubbing lovers. Old goat is another pub with great beer selection. Food, staff, patrons and ambiance are great and definitely worth a visit when you are in Rockland.

With a few night clubs and pubs , these are the few places where you can stop and enjoy in Rockland.

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