Places To Go In Rockland, Maine

Rockland, the coastal city in the Knox County, State of Maine, located on the rocky and mountainous shores and surrounded by peninsulas, lakes, rivers and bays by making the city fine and cool city in the midcoast of Maine. This city with many harbors and inlets is famous for the shipping and serves as the central point of boating for the travelers. The attractive bay of the Rockland is the Penobscot Bay.

Being one of the finest places on earth, Rockland attracts millions of tourists every year. Photographers and artists long to visit the place for taking very rare photos of the scenes. Light houses, inlets, coves, sandy beaches offer panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Let us see some of the must see places of the Rockland Maine.

The Farnsworth Art Museum: Farnsworth Art Museum houses the collection of 10,000 artistic works of the world famous American artists within the 20000 sq. ft. area. The largest and the famous is the array of works by Louise Nevelson, a sculptor. The other famous artistic works are from the sculptures Andrew N.C. and Jamie Wyeth. The Farnsworth's library, Olson House, Julia's Gallery and the Farnsworth Homestead are the famous historic buildings inside the museum.

The Strand Theater: This place of entertainment for the people of Rockland was built in the year 1920. This small theater is the venue for releasing the world famous highly rated movies to entertain the people of Rockland. It also has HD broadcasts unit to carry out the lively events like Oscars, super bowl, musical events, live concerts etc. This theatre is well known for the instrumental concerts only during the first Fridays of the summer season. This theater is also known as the 'The Cultural Jewel' and 'The Anchor of Midcoast Maine".

The Maine Lighthouse Museum: Though Maine has almost 68 lighthouses, the largest lighthouse in the country is the Maine Lighthouse. The construction of this lighthouse was done in the year 1800 by the famous engineers and architects of America. The revolving focus light of the lighthouse serves as the Hope's beacon and the light of warning for the wayward mariners. Originally in the year 1972, Kenneth Black, a retired coast guard officer established a shore village museum with the illustration of different models of lighthouses, history of the maritime and the materials utilized by the mariners like Foghorns, buoys, Fog Bells and the valuable objects in memory of the civil war. In 2004, the shore village museum was closed and in 2005 the artifacts from that museum were transferred to the new Maine Lighthouse museum. The American Lighthouse foundation has merged the museum in Wells area which showcased the life history of the lighthouse workers with the Maine Lighthouse museum. This also had a rare collection of Fresnel lenses which is a specialized lens, invented and designed for use in the lighthouse by a French Physicist, Augustine Jean Fresnel in 1820.

The Rockland Breakwater Light: It is a lighthouse station built during the 20th century in 1888. It is built half mile at the end of the granite breakwater. The distant view of this station will be like a house drifting into the sea with a small warning light flashing once in every 15 seconds. The tourist can visit this place only during summer weekends. The path that leads to this lighthouse for about a mile was carved with big blocks of granite of uneven surface. So the travelers have to be very careful before footing every step towards this breakwater lighthouse on the uneven granite blocks.

The Vinalhaven Historical Society Museum: This museum was founded in 1963 to exhibit the life history of the people of Vinalhaven Island. This society collects preserves and showcases the artifacts of the Vinalhaven schools and homes, the tools used for fishing and farming, weapons used in civil war and the tools used in the granite industry. The organization of this historical society is in the service of providing information and facts for the students and research scholars about the history of the Vinalhaven and its people.

The Owls Head Transportation Museum: The name itself gives you the clear idea that this museum is established to display the various types and models of vehicles used for transportation. It exhibits the history and the detailed structure of the auto, car, motorcycle, engines, aircrafts and other automobile vehicles and the bicycles. Public can also view the Demonstration of some of the vehicles during the specific days as mentioned in the museum.

The Maine Watercraft Museum: This museum is located in Thomaston, a town in Knox County. It has a collection of classic and antique small craft boats as it was sailing in water and also exhibits a model of that area's small craft boat building industry.

The Old Conway House and Museum: This old Conway house was built in 1770 and is located in Camden Town of Knox County. The old Conway house and museum is a historical building with the collection of farm equipments, furniture's of ancient days. It also gives a live display of a maple sugar house, blacksmith shop with all the tools and equipments used by that people. Many ship models, clothing's and weapons of olden days and the sailing tools are also exhibited in this museum.

Project Puffin Visitor Center: In this center the visitors can watch the live videos, images and sounds of puffins and other seabirds of seal island, located about 20 miles towards south of Rockland. The visitors can operate the robot cameras containing the pictures, can take printout of the desired photos and can copy the videos of the puffins and seabirds to their own devices. There also exists a theater in which a film is featured for about 20 minutes about the Audubon and the other people's conservation work to save and bring the seabirds and puffins to the Maine coast. The museum exhibits the facts and the guidelines regarding the seabird adaptation, wildlife conservations, life history of sea birds etc.

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