Vacationing in Rockland, Maine

Planning for a tour? Why don't you choose Rockland of Maine then? The Rockland is a beautiful city in the Maine of the United States. The city is one such a place that everyone must see in their lifetime. The Rockland Maine is the treasure to some of the most spectacular ocean views, remarkable lighthouses, exceptional summer festivals and idiosyncratic attractions you can discover in the state of Maine. The beauty of the city is highlighted with many attractions that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. The vacationing in Rockland, Maine would be undoubtedly incredible for the ones who would love to surf the essence and aroma of the nature, history and its own uniqueness. However the attractions are widespread and could not be just restricted to the mentioned ones.

There are many reasons that propel you towards the vacation to the Rockland of the Maine. The Rock lands act as the natural protectors of the city and the harbor from various calamities. The city has its origin in the 1770s and has greater historical backdrop. The city was founded by a few men for the purpose of their business and was just a small town with a population of less than 8000. But, now the Maine is the centre of attraction for many fields like the tourism, granite business and also the fishing business. Some of the major attractions of the city are:

  • The great Rock lands
  • Fascinating light houses
  • Exciting beaches
  • Parades and festivals
  • The marvelous experience with a cruiser
  • The Islands
  • Fishing and allied activities

Man built Rockland breakwaters, Amazing attraction of the Maine.

The visit to the Rockland of the Maine would be incomplete without visiting the man built Rockland breakwaters because the Rockland breakwater holds the strength of almost seven lakh tons of granite. You might be required to walk on these granite stones for about a mile to reach the Light House present in the city. The view at the Rockland breakwaters and the Light house is the historic treasure of Maine that gives the glimpse of stunning panoramic pleasure that was built during 1881-89.

The historical backdrop of more than 200 years stands as a great asset to the Rockland breakwaters. Interestingly, you don't face the difficulty in walking through the breakwaters of Rockland. The smoothness of the rocks is a reason. The sea shore that turns your mood pleasant is another reason for this. Further, the receivers at the light house ponder their love and affection towards the visitors which attracts you a lot.

For the shore lovers Rockland breakwaters, Rockland harbors and Penobscot Bay are the residence to stay at. Penobscot bay provided the best pleasure of boaters across the world since it is one of the 10 best cruising spots in the world. It is considered to be the best scenic and deepest waters of Maine. Although it is as short as 40 miles long and 20 miles wide, it hosts a few large islands that attract many tourists.

Are you fond of museums? For the individuals who love to explore the antiques in museums, Rockland have few amazing museums such as The Farnsworth Art Museum that is a home for all Wyeth Family Paintings who has produced three generations of artists and illustrators. The Maine Lighthouse Museum is another one that is a treasure of colossal varieties of lenses, articrafts, buoys, bells, ship models and many more. So, the lovers of arts and antiques will be highly pleased with the beauty of the museums present in the Maine city.

  • Apart from these incredible attractions Rockland, Maine hosts several annual events such as
  • Christmas by the Sea celebration that gives you a pleasant and divinely mood,
  • Toboggan Nationals boasts that unites the people,
  • North Atlantic Blues Festival that gives you a great fun,
  • Annual sailing event that is meant to serve you loads of joy,
  • The Friendship sloop days that ignites the friendly attitudes in the people,
  • The Maine Lobster Festival that is a traditional parade of the people,
  • Maine Antiques Festival that gathers huge antiques of the city,
  • Classic agricultural fair which is meant for farm encouragement and
  • Camden Windjammer Festival to provide the joy.

These show that Rockland, Maine is not just a city of attractions but has its unique festive season that weaves the people together. Although Rockland, Maine is a small coastal town, it is a central attraction for fresh organic meats, vegetables, and delicacies, cheeses, changes often to reflect and dole out the absolute finest in Maine food. Rockland restaurants has everything of multi food cuisines such as homemade pasta, lobster, fresh Panini sandwiches, salads, soups, or homemade seasonal deserts, juicy cheeseburgers, sushi, ice cream, etc., Rockland Maine can make certain all of your food requirements and cravings are met during your vacation.

So, you will not be troubled in any way during your vocation to the Rockland of Maine irrespective of you being a vegetarian or a non vegetarian. Thus caters needs of the entire tourist effectively.

The Maine city has many other attractions apart from those mentioned above. The trip to the Rockland would be giving you manifold experiences. You can treat it as a historical tour as the place is having a greater historical background. The feasts celebrated at the Rockland gives the feel of the cultural tour. The fishery and the museums make the trip as an educational fair. The beach, Islands, hotels, light house etc give you a lot of joy and it finally makes your trip as a jolly trip.

Totally it's a best place for vacationing and it is one of the places one should visit in their lifetime. Nobody can miss this small coastal town that has a tinge of oceanic beauty and historic value. Rockland, Maine although hosts just 8000 residents around, the historic glimpse, the scenic, coastal cache the place holds is incredible and amazing.

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